Sunday, May 29, 2011

Home with wings

Look what I made!

and look what I photographed on my new black acrylic. I will need to find a soft brush for removing dust without scratching it. Even put away face down it was covered in dust. A paper towel moving around the dust added a small scratch already.

How did I come to be doing shrink plastic?

This year on Mother's day my daughter and I wandered through an art fair at the Rancho Bernardo winery where met and admired the work of Susan. Susan used shrink plastic to create some really endearing earrings. I bought a pair and stashed her card for a later look.

So then when the Dream Keeper Vessel ring showed up in my new creations, and I needed a way to collect that dream and keep it safe, I thought of this as a possible medium. It was easy enough to do, hugely customizable, and would hold up to wet hands. A quick look and I found out she was teaching her techniques at Stamping Details in Poway.

The timing turned out to be bad, the last weekend before Bead and Button, but I wanted to go and I am so glad I made the time. The classroom was large and well lit and the class was well attended. Susan brought every supply required to share and imparted her knowledge easily, including technique and sources. I decided on a pair of earrings which are entirely of Susan's design, I just followed along. But it gave me the basics and taught me that this is indeed the right medium for the Dream Keeper Vessel series so I will be experimenting more. Just after Bead and Button, well unless I find a few free minutes that is.


The bad Liz said...

How fun are those earrings? It's always fun to learn new stuff.

Anonymous said...

Is that like Shrinky Dinks we had as kids?? Very cool.

Tracy Stanley said...

You are so amazing! You even make magic with shrinking plastic!

char said...

Love the "Altered Art" look of these earrings. I have played with this medium in the past, thanks for reminding me, "When you can't find it, make it yourself". Thanks

Robbie said...

Who knew shrinky dink's could look so good! Very unique earrings! Artsy for sure!