Sunday, May 22, 2011

If only

I weren't going to be at Bead and Button on June 3rd, I'd definitely be at Creative Castle in Newbury Park

Taking this set of classes with Teresa Sullivan.

You probably recall I had the opportunity to spend three days with Teresa at our recent Bead Summit in Tucson. I can tell you that not only is she a delight but she has such an innovative bead mind, you would do well to expose yourself to her way of thinking about beads.

Here she is looking beautiful with her whimsical earrings peeking out from her hair.

I learned an incredible amount from her in the short time we had and would welcome an opportunity to spend more time together. So if you live anywhere near Southern California and you have any of these days free, you would do well to sign up for a class with Teresa AND if you haven't been, Creative Castle is one of the most welcoming bead stores, where you are always graciously taken care of while you bead.


Mar BisuterĂ­a said...

Ohhhhh!!!! me gusta muchisimo

Gabriella said...

Love Teresa's work. And you're right she's a lovely teacher!

Nieves said...

Precioso conjunto. Me encantan los colores. Felicidades.