Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm on an adventure

Can I keep up? I have a new imac, command key, I think equals ctrl key, finder equals explorer, safari is my browser......but really it's kind of a lot. Should I have done this when I was younger? Maybe, but I didn't. I love the 27 inch monitor and all it's real estate.

I have given away my pc, but it won't be delivered until mid June during which time if I should absolutely panic at having to do illustrations with illustrator when I already know how with Corel Draw, when I can't find a contact, or make a cd label or....well I'll always have the pc handy.

It's a fair amount of learning curve, but I had a career in IT for a reason. I have a certain affinity for systems, even still.....I'm a wee bit nervous.

The first book I wrote I was totally unprepared to do the illustration (don't read this part Ray) but I took it on and with Bonnie's help (thank you Bonnie, forever) I did ok.

Mostly I'm loving the new screen, key board, trackpad, interface.....but it is still just a tad bit nerve wracking.

I can relate to my mother who in the 90's asked me if the dot in was light should she add ink (to the monitor) and how did you get to the next line. She was used to carriage returns, the enter key confounded her, but still she checked her bank balance and read my blog until the day she fell, the beginning of the end. I missed her today, mothers days are like that. But I enjoyed my daughters and granddaughters.

Wish me luck, this blog was done on the IMAC. No pictures yet, another interface to learn, but I'm sure it will be apparent, once I try.


Mary K. McGraw said...

I made the switch from PC to Mac in January. It definitely is a learning curve and I am still learning. But I do love my Mac.

Have fun with it.

Shirley said...

I've had my Mac for a while now, but haven't taken the time to learn all the cool stuff it has available. So, I'm hopping on the learning train with you!