Monday, May 9, 2011


The day ahead

taken with photo booth, serious fun, but not what I should be doing.

The studio is half re-arranged, but until data is moved to the imac the pc and imac must coexist. And there is stuff to be returned to IKEA that didn't quite meet my in store vision once I re-arranged.

Such funny little nuances to the learning curve as well. I am sure I will stop using ctrl z, x, v or whatever and learn to use the command key and that I will remember the delete key deletes like a backspace but the delete key on the number pad deletes forward.

Saturday I received the first amulet purse in a round robin I am participating in. Funny to be returning to amulets. That is the very first thing I ever beaded. I wish I had one left to show you the primitive nature of my learning. The last one whose whereabouts I knew was in my mother's things and I sent it to my sister.

The amulet I received was beautiful and not a style I would have done myself. I wonder if I'm in a style rut? I wasn't sure I would know what to do to someone else's piece and I did immediately. Last night I sat down and added my embellishments, my job on this first purse I received. When we are done I will have photos, no spoiling the surprise of the finished purse along the way. I however forgot to take before pictures on this one. I'm sad, but not sad enough to undo what I did just for a photo op.

I'm leaving for Tucson in three days! I'll spend 4 days of bead play which I'm pretty sure is going to be amazing! Until then I have much to do to get ready for Bead and Button, which is a mere three or so weeks away, but who's counting.


a2susan said...

The first bead thing I ever made was an amulet bag, and then I made a dozen more. They are lots of fun, but you don't see people making or wearing them much anymore. It will be fun to see the pictures when the round robin is done.

Beverly Herman said...

The best little app I bought for my iMac was shortcuts for Mac. It was a great tool to help with the learning curve.

Anonymous said...

Hey Beverly, I will have to explore that app!

Marcia, I have been using a mac for 2 yrs. now. When I needed a laptop, my husband refused for me the option to buy one with Vista and not XP. Without being able to do so, I was forced to a mac, since I needed it asap.
Needless to say, I am happy with my purchase and have found it 'friendly' for a person that wants average use.
With past discussion about pattern design and pattern making... I found an app in the apple store that suited my needs for much less.