Thursday, April 26, 2012

The allure of the seed bead

As I continue to bask in the glow of last weekends classes at Bead Creative in New Hampshire, I reflect on the community of seed beaders I've met over the years. I began to travel and teach in 1998 and the math suggests that is 14 years of meeting people through the love of seed beads.

Last weekend a group of twelve women took the challenge of Aberge.  I never intentionally design a project that is difficult, but this particular one does take a bit of perseverance.  The different size seed beads which create the gentle curve of the ellipse take on an angle that makes it a bit more difficult to see the pattern of 4 beads which make up the right angles.  Also the point of the first ellipse becomes the interior of the second ellipse making the positioning of the seed bead size and color an important consideration.  In the end however it is a beautiful bracelet and leaves you with an appreciation of the versatility of this stitch. I have a few more of the square vintage rivoli that is the stunning enter of this piece.  After that I will likely use a current production 18 mm round which is still quite pretty, but the vintage square really makes a statement.  I have one new color way coming in medium vitrial with fuchsia and green.   Although with Bead and Button and book deadlines, it may be a while.

Here is a shot of Tessarae, which I think of as a beginning point for me.  It was featured on the cover of Step by Step Beads back in   2007 and was the catalyst for Lark contacting me about authoring a book.  I love the crystal edging on this piece and the simple geometry of it.  It is not true cubic right angle weave, two flat pieces were joined on their edges.  If I were to do it today I might see how different it would look 
if it were true cubic.

And a final shot of my bead embroidered purse which went out on the town with me last night.  Ok, I don't really go out on the town, but I did meet my girlfriends for happy hour at our favorite C level lounge where we sat as close to the water as possible and took in the lights of  downtown San Diego and enjoyed laughter and friendship.

This purse was a gift from one of those people who came into my life through the love of seed beads...Ms Liz Thompson, aka, the bad Liz. You can't help but realize the love and friendship stitched into a gift like this.

Tomorrow it's plane travel again, off to the Southern Jersey Bead Guild to teach En Pointe and Dancing Light, and meet with more of the community. I know I will meet both old and new friends and I'm looking forward to it!


gah-broon said...

Looking good, Marcia!

Nancy K. said...

And I meant in my prior post I still love the bead embroidery bracelet. I said bead crochet as I have had it on my mind a lot lately.

Marcia DeCoster said...

Ha! Nancy, I was wondering as I don't remember having done much bead crochet.....

Arlenesfelt said...

What a gift of love. It's beautiful, and you look lovely in the pic!

Karen said...

I am also still basking in the glow of last weekends classes. The center piece of my crystal collage with the bright lucite disks is done and I'm working on the straps tonight. Can't wait to wear it!