Saturday, April 21, 2012

Maine Lobster!

Living on the West Coast Maine lobster is close to impossible to get and fried clams impossible....but on the East Coast in Hampton NH, my East Coast host and friends indulged me.

And after dinner a coastal ride and illegal u- turn to take photos of the swans.

Todays Abrege class went beautifully with everyone having success. Abrege can be takes a fair amount focus and couple of aha moments, but we got there. Totally worth it.

Tomorrow rain is predicted and if I'm lucky a thunder storm.

Play well and I'll be back soon.


Terry from Alaska said...

That's just how I remember them;didyou have more than one-hopefully!

Terry from Alaska said...

Now I see the friedclams in the background,yum!

Karen said...

Dinner was fabulous - we all had a great time. I'll see you in Georgia.