Monday, April 16, 2012

New start

I'm about to be off for two back to back East Coast trips and then a Northern California family visit, so.....I wanted to make sure that I had a really clean space to come back to.

I've declared the book done as far as beading is concerned but there is still text and illustration for many of the projects so I will be spending a lot of days in the studio and at the computer. I get twitchy if my environment is not neat. You would think I might do a better job of keeping it picked up, but alas I do not. I tend to spill out beads onto trays in a fit of what I think is creativity, and as each new idea is tried out and abandoned, or explored further, tubes of beads, containers of crystals and pearls, tools, findings, books....all seem to make their way onto the table and various counter tops. And then the twitching starts and I get unsettled and anxious and there is nothing to be done but clear spaces. And so today that is how I spent my afternoon.

And I succeeded for the most part, although there are still a number of seed beads that need to have a spot on the wall, and some counter tops that could use a bit more clearing up, and an in box that requires some filing...but for the most part order has been restored.

I love my studio in this state. I have an English visitor arriving between trips two and three so it will be helpful to try to maintain this neat space in the event she thinks I'm always this neat.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a giveaway, it appears I have two of one of the latest master class books and I'm going to share one with you.


lynsey said...

I want a wall of beads!!. One day, one day.
Enjoy your trips Marcia

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

I"m the same way - I can't stand it clutter. Twitchy is the perfect word to describe it. Hope you enjoy your trips!

Gabri said...

Looks amazing!! :))

Tia Dalma said...

I absolutely love seeing photos of your bead studio! The walls of beads and crystals and kits are so beautiful!

And I totally understand how annoying clutter can be...and it piles up so quickly too! I love having piles of different beads and colors out on my tray but it can quickly get out of control...and then it's just overwhelming!

Your decluttering job looks amazing...and your studio looks so inspiring!