Friday, April 20, 2012

New England

where have I been? I truly feel badly when I abandon you....I arrived safely at Logan International airport and was picked up and transported to Hampton New Hampshire. It's been two whirlwind days of teaching at Bead Creative with a lovely group of gals. Marge, Nancy, Karen, Barbara, Cathy, Deb...I love you. And all the new gals I've met,
I walked on the beach yesterday. The East Coast is my growing up coast and I love it here. It is significantly different then the west coast, the memories are magic.
Hampton Beach sunrise during my morning walk.

And another view

I am so enjoying this trip....the smell of the Atlantic is different as is the color. tomorrow night lobster!
Preceeded by Abrege!


Kepi said...

The East Coast is definitely on my bucket list!

Helen said...

I LOVE the east coast! Marcia it sounds like you are having a wonderful and nostalgic visit...enjoy.

Helen said...
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Ingrid said...

Thank you these pictures are beautiful.
Though you can't tell from my name, I've Italian origins (my mother is Sicilian) and as in every italian family I've relatives in the US, on the east coast NJ, NY,VA but I can't compare it with the west coast .... not yet !
Glad you had a good time !