Thursday, April 26, 2012

When I am old

Which at 59 I'm definitely not, but 'When I am old, I will wear purple'

well at least I used to embrace that poem, but then it got adopted by the red hats and I kind of lost interest.  But I must say I do like the purple.

When I arrived at the salon today for a little color I had teal in mind, but since teal was out of stock, I opted for the purple and I like it.

I'm off to Cherry Hill New Jersey where I will teach a fairly large group of seed beaders, first Dancing Light and then En Pointe, the bracelet version.  En Pointe is close to as challenging as Aberge....turning corners and keeping an inside contrasting color, but the result is beautiful.

And I get to meet two formally unmet Facebook friend and renew a couple of friendships from previous classes.  I'm hoping I'll see Hillary, and I know I'll see Stephanie, so life is good.

One of the previously unmet Facebook gals emailed me when I posted on Facebook that I was traveling to New Jersey.  In the back of my mind somewhere I heard a Kate blogpost, about Kyle Cassidy's philosophy of just say yes...and so I did.  Interestingly I fly into Philadelphia which is Kyle's city and I had hoped to meet up, but he is in Minneapolis taking photos of roller derby gals, and so taking my photo will have to wait to another time when we can meet up.

I'm traveling with the blog enabled iPad, so I'll be in touch.  Until then, have fun.


c. c. v. said...

I know only one thing - I'm younger than you, but sometimes I would love to look as good as you....
The new colour looks very very nice on you....

Greetings from Oslo..

Helen said...

Marcia the purple is stunning...of course I loved the teal you had as well. You seem to wear your colours very well. BTW please don't say old... LOL its a 3-letter word in my opinion. At any rate you look great!

Helen said...
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Helen said...

I meant to say old is a FOUR letter word. You must have been scratching your head over that stupid comment. Geez, I think I'm getting senile!