Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inventory Management

You would think having a background in manufacturing systems I would have been the better inventory control person....but not so. My method was to allow orders even if I had no inventory and then to make the kit if I received an order. Not so bad I thought, but since Mark has been managing things and he prefers a bit more order, when the last of an item is sold (and he knows because he keeps accurate up to the minute records, unlike someone else I know...) and because he also maintains the website, he changes the status to sold out when there are none, until we make them again.

He also has a spreadsheet with kits that need to be built, how many and by when and if they are destined for a show or a website and if the supply list has been reviewed for piece parts.....he's way more organized then I ever was, but in my defense, I was keeping up the design part of the business. It's nice to have his help.

So today he finished the next two kits on the spreadsheet and I am pleased to say Under the Mast Gold Golden Shadow and Romantica Gold Opal are both back in stock.

Next he'll be bothering me to complete the supply lists for Lilliana so he can begin the Bead and Button process and Dancing Light for New Jersey.....it's touch having a boss after all these years!

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Helen said...

Wow, how wonderful to have such a capable "in house" business manager so you can concentrate on the creative end.