Friday, April 13, 2012

Metallic delicas

Sometimes it seems the simplest project gives me the most challenges in the illustration. Yesterdays was like that. Illustrating circular Right Angle Weave with different size beads....but I got it done after a few trials and tribulations.

Then it was on to brick stitch with delicas, much simpler

And since there is a matching ring to this piece, there are some economies to be had in the illustrating. Although each of the medallions has a different count so it will need to be redrawn, but at least now I have the process for getting the right spacing. It's quite a bit of math, well for me. When I have needle and thread in hand I can decide that 18 around is a good size, but then to actually draw that 18 around I need to divide 36 into 360, ok, I know that is not hard, but knowing that is what I need to do to get the angles of rotating beads correct, well that is the hard part. If the medallion is 14 around then I need to rotate my guide lines at 12.857 or 360 divided by 28.

I will say that the learning keeps the brain young, or least that is my plan!


flyingbeader said...

Marcia, I just feel over. Need a bandaid for my head.

lynnd said...

Marcia, I can appreciate the fact that you are doing the math because it is beyond what know how to do. I just follow the instructions.

Helen said...

Oh boy, sounds complicated. I bet you'd rather be beading.

thea fine, beading design said...

Now I know why I haven't put any kits or classes together! I could NEVER do the diagramming that you do. My brain doesn't do the math.
I'm in awe of your work to diagram your designs in Illustrator! (Is there a Mac equivalent, do you know?)

You are an inspiration when it comes to doing not only the beadwork itself, but also the instructional materials, too! My aim is to be able to chart my own work some day as well as you chart yours. On second thought, at my age, .I think I'll probably just keep beading instead! LOL!

donna said...

I used to think when I laid out schematics, boards and wiring diagrams for engineers was complex, I never thought it would be even worse for bead illustrations. May you be well blessed by the computer gods. I will be first in line to purchase your new book!!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Thea, I am using Illustrator on the Mac.