Monday, May 21, 2012

The companion ring

Last week I showed you this ring....I wanted to work with pearls and the platinum and brown pearl combination is so soft and dreamy. I love wearing the rings in pairs so it was time to make it's companion

This time I dusted the hand before taking the photo although I see I didn't go in for as tight a shot, I think it still shows up nicely.  I used light metallic gold crystals, platinum pearls and a sand opal across the top.  Sadly I think Sand Opal is one of the casualties slated to be dis-continued in the fall, I haven't been able to bear to look and confirm that.  I can also see that the pearls create a bit more of a gap when used not he side wall, especial the top row of the side wall, so that I can see the color of the dream peaking through.  I think this could be an interesting design feature.  I think I'd like to try this with the new neon pearls. I suspect I am going to have a Dream Keeper Vessel ring shopping spree at Bead and Button.  It's nice to have a shopping focus, keeps one from getting over whelmed.

My Bead and Button will be mellow this year, at least that is my current state of thinking.  I teach 4 days, down from last years 7 which is too many for me....and Liz will be there to help as always, which makes things easier.

I'll do my annual yarn shopping trip with a Milwaukee friend, this time accompanied by a German friend as well.  I'll have dinner with the German girls, dinner friends who I see every year, Pat, Tracy, Janice, Lisa, dinner with Debi from Beads of Colour and finally dinner with Judi Patuti who will be selling the thread catchers, bead mats and totes on the show floor.

At Meet the Teachers, I will have both Abrege and Aelia, kits new to this year, and many of the old favorites, crystal medallion bracelet, carousel, ringlets! and more.  Mark has been busy for weeks making inventory.  It's been fantastic to have his help while I work on the book.

I arrive early on Monday in time for an outing to the third ward where there is a shoe store and gallery I try never to miss and then a trip to the Public Market to stock up on fruit and protein for breakfasts and lunches.  On Sunday I'll be at the Toho booth in the morning and then will spend a leisurely afternoon of shopping, so come by and say hello if you're there.

Off to work on the book!


flyingbeader said...

Oh I hope you save one for me to buy in August as I can't make it to Milwaukee this year.

Shall I say Pretty Please? Pretty Please??

Marcia DeCoster said...

Ha! Dot, it may not even be kitted by August, I'm talking next years Bead and Button!

Ingrid said...

Sounds exciting, have fun !

ellen said...

Hi Marcia,
My eyes are "fat" from all the delicious beadwork you've posted recently. I've been playing with the peanuts too.
The necklace I made was purchased in an auction. A friend took picture of it with her phone. Let me know how to forward a copy.

Helen said...

The! I say again...WOW. I'm not kidding...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcia DeCoster said...

go to my website and use the contact us form...and I can give you my email address

Marcia DeCoster said...

Thanks Helen, I like them too.

ChrisD said...

Thought the dust was on my screen!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Ha Chris! Sorry about that, I shall dust first in the future.

Mari said...