Friday, May 11, 2012

That dream

Oddly I had THAT dream again last night, but with a different outcome. For many years I had a recurring dream which presented in some form of ascending too steeply, an escalator, a road, a set of stairs, but always too steep. Falling over backwards was inevitable and I always woke up before reaching the top. It isn't too hard to figure out that it had to do with not achieving dreams, or goals. So it wasn't surprising that when I left my corporate job in 2004 and arranged my life to be able to be with the beads full time, I stopped having the dream. And then last night....the dream. I have to say that even arranging ones life simply enough to be able to be a full time bead artist; even though beads are my passion; even though I set the tone of my own days, there is still work involved and at the moment it's hit rather a crescendo with book deadlines and Bead and Button coming together. However the dream was different. I was on a bus with others, unusual, first we drove down a steep windy road with huge ruts and narrow passages and then we drove up. And it became steeper and steeper. I closed my eyes, I relaxed, I was scared yet peaceful and the bus made it to the top! I have about 3 weeks to accomplish a lot, but I know I will!


H.T. said...

Sudden falls ,or fast going downstairs,or oppose-'flying',speeding up into the sky in dreams mean sudden changes in air pressure.Even if we consider ourselves as 'not fragile' for weather changes during the day,at night our organism reacts and brings dreams similar to Yours:-)
I think-no romantism-no 'prophecy'-
realism and rationalism only:-))
Warm Greets frm Sweden-Halinka-

Betty said...

Non smettere mai di sognare, qualsiasi sia il sogno. Il tuo l'hai giĆ  realizzato, sei un'artista fantastica!!!!!

Gabri said...

I have a recurrent dream that I can't run. I even seem not to be able to walk.
Very tiresome!

And yes you will manage to finish in time. Sending you some positive vibes.

Marcia DeCoster said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Gabriella!