Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ancient Bells

AND to update the update, although we sold out, we ordered more beads to do a second limited run…if you order on the website we will be building and shipping these kits in the next two weeks!  

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Ancient Bells has had an interesting trajectory…..

I was visiting with Perry at  York beads (and meeting Edgar!) back in August when Perry showed me the Ancient beads.  I brought a few home with me and told Perry I would design something for his 90th anniversary.

The idea being the pattern would be used to promote bead sales of the ancient beads.  The talented Melissa Grakowsky illustrated the pattern which was provided to stores who purchased the ancient beads.  Psst, if you are a bead artist requiring illustration services, Mellissa can provide that service and she's good.  Typically I would illustrate my own, but since this was a special case, Perry engaged Melissa to to it.

 Anyways, the pattern seems to have struck a cord with many….I've seen a lot of these made and posted, and all have been beautiful.

The other cool thing about this pattern is that it teaches a nice gradual increase using craw which results in that graceful bell shape you see.

I have made these two color ways and I have put together the kits with the small stash of ancient beads I have, you see they are at the moment no longer available from the original supplier, although you will find a few bead stores here and there with remaining inventory.

I've sold almost all of the first batch but a small number will be available, hopefully later today.  Mark is 'revamping' the website, which is indeed needed but it's slowing the process for adding new kits to the store!


Mari said...

Bellos!! Marcia the kit includes the pattern?

Marcia DeCoster said...

Yes Mari, Pattern included.

Mari said...

Yayyyyy! Ya compré mi kit!! Gracias Marcia!

Lara said...