Friday, January 16, 2015

The Birthday Cuff

For our birthdays, we've been making beaded bead necklaces for one another, but Judy, always traveling to her own beat, wanted a cuff, a bead embroidered cuff.  The big reveal was today!

Two weeks back we gathered in the studio and Judy picked out colors and decided that the large La Navette focal would be the perfect center. The rest of us then set to work with me giving a mini lesson which was totally tuned out, can you believe I allow this?  They went about their business knitting and discussing the right choice of yarn for a soon to be crocheted koigu lap throw and gave me the occasional, uh huh as I showed them how to back stitch and make fringe and fill in an area.

I will say next time an embroidered cuff is the choice we need to start a little sooner then two weeks before the big day.

I prepped the lacy's, put together a kit of sorts with the colors, bezeled a coin pearl and two chatons and beaded up La Navette.

Susan took over and did a lot of the heavy lifting as far as the bead embroidery was concerned (I did repeat a bit of the tuned out lesson), then Susan called Gail to work on the cuff since it was to be a birthday gift collaboration.  Susan had the brilliant idea to include all of our initials, so there is J, S, M and G outlined in 2mm fuchsia crystal.

Bead embroidery done it was given back to me to put the backing on and complete the edge treatment.  I added a gold button clasp, and the fringy bits on the bottom of the focal.

It ended up being a beautiful piece and Judy was thrilled to open it at todays Torrey Pines Lodge Spa and lunch day.

It is a treat to look across a table and see a piece completed with so much love.   You did good girls.  Happy Birthday Judy!


Christina said...

Beautiful! Love the choice of colours.

Patty said...

Lucky birthday girl!! It turned out beautifully.

Terry from Alaska said...

Beautiful use of the navette; she is a lucky birthday gal.

LoriF said...

Gorgeous! Even the box is beautiful.

Rita said...

Beautiful, what a lucky gal!

Rita said...
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