Thursday, January 8, 2009

Miss Maya

As I get ready for this busy year Maya is registering her protest. This is her actually in my suitcase as if to say please don't go without me!

She is the most darling little girl, a rescue dog, part chihuahua part daschund and pure happiness. Life is a party for Maya and she reminds me to live with exuberance.

Last night I beaded with the Charlotte girls. A group I was fortunate to meet at last years Bead and Button and who included me in their beaded get togethers. It may have been farewell, but I know that many I will see again at various future bead events.

Today I will begin packing for the drive back to California. We did a 'volume check' yesterday (I'm married to an engineer) and determined tha we can fit 5 suitcases, 6 boxes, 2 adults and 1 dog into my Saturn SUV. I will need to pack from most important to least....let's see, first there are the beads, well then there are some more beads....I guess I will have to ship the clothes.

I look forward to being in my own home, most especially in my own studio and among old friends.


The bad Liz said...

What a cute puppy. She can visit the Terrierists in Detroit anytime!

tnahowru said...

Marcia you've done it again, this is in deed another of your original beautiful creations, and those colors!!!