Friday, June 4, 2010

More earrings?

Yep, I'm on an earring kick. I find that I often don't have the appropriate earring to wear with my beaded jewelry. How best to solve that? Make some of course.

It has been observed that I tend to wear black, with the occassional gray thrown in, so after completing my dark silver Under the Mast, I decided I needed a pair of earrings in those same tones.

I've been waiting forever for the right use of these medium vitrail crystals. Since Under the Mast is so understated, I thought a bigger, fancier pair of earrings might work.

Being of pierced ear age in the 60s my first holes were done the old fashioned way, ice cubes, potatoe, a needle and willing friend. Yikes, hard to imagine. That also means my holes are not straight front to back and earrings of this size don't always hang correctly. I found if I take a pliers to the hook, and give it a 45 degree twist the earring will then hang front and center. This also makes a right and a left earring, so a mirror is helpful when putting them on!

Well, I have all my personal jewelry ready to pack for my trek to Bead and Button. A few more finishing touches on kits and packing, a facial, hair coloring (likely to be pink, we'll see what mood strikes me) and then on Monday a.m. I'm off!


kate mckinnon said...

Crap. I wish that all I had left to do was go to the SALON. I am pleased for you, but still knee-deep here!

Ababeads said...

I really love it!!

MARITINA said...


Teddyheart said...

Wooooowwwww I love them !! so chic !! congrats !!