Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Color Sense

Some folks just have an innate sense of color. I think such is the case for Barb, who I first met last year at BeadFest and again at Beads of Colour in Dundas. Barb showed me this exquisite bracelet which takes it's color cues from the beautiful lampwork bead featured at it's center.

It's a pallette different then my ususal matte and shiny metallics, or my bright fun colors. It is one I am definitely drawn to, and I need to spend some time examining how I might move in that direction.

I think help is at hand since I just came across Margie Deeb's '7 Strategies for Extracting Pallettes' I haven't had a look yet, but each of Margie's color publications has a lot to offer.

Thanks to Barb for letting me photo her beautiful piece!


The bad Liz said...

Those are very earthy colors, but I can see you in them. I love the accent bead!

sandi said...

what stitch did she use - is it tubular ndebele?

Susanna Originals said...

Beautiful bracelet and gorgeous, earthy colours. I miss that little bead shop in Dundas.

beadologist said...

Beautiful bracelet! It makes me want to bead.