Thursday, August 19, 2010

Design Dilemna

I'm working on a new piece. It is component oriented, with the same component in various sizes and I love it! The component that how to make it all come together. I have a pleasing arrangement, but so far the technical aspect of the connections so that the components lay correctly and maintain their shape is escaping me. I know several ways that don't work.....and it would be really good if today I found the way that does work. Deadlines have a way of insuring that.

And speaking of deadlines, very soon, likely by Aug 31st, the second annual Beading by the Bay will be open for registration. There will be a two week window where people who attended last year will be able to register. After that general registration will occur! I can tell you the pieces are wonderful, Jean Campbell, Maggie Meister and myself will be teaching. Stay tuned to the blog....or go join the mailing list and I'll keep you informed.

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The bad Liz said...

You will meet your deadline - and it will be wonderful!