Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh My...

Blogless and no photos! Internet has been sparse to non existent and we've been busy girls! I arrived Thursday night after a 7 hour drive up the mostly boring highway 99, turning onto highway 41 for the last bit and winding through mountains towards Yosemite.

Friday, 20 eager gals from the Central California Bead Society joined me in a comfortable, well lit, air conditioned meeting room and made the medallions of Descending Nights. Karen made a stunning color combination with Dorado fire polish and turquoise ab2x crystals with a crystal ab center briolette. Beautiful! And Anya (another in my series of Dutch influences this last month and half, have I posted? perhaps not, I should) made a wonderful variation of the medallion which was worn on a simple chain to dinner. Many returned after dinner to a night of beading, me I curled up in bed with my current book on tape and knitted!

Saturday and today were or will be spent working on various itierations of portico/aberge bracelet/pendants. They were done during a period of particularly fickle design time when every diamond and ellipse had a different idea of how it might be used. It gives eveyone lots of options, but takes me a couple of minutes to wrap my brain around every question since there are subtle variations depending on which design one is doing. It keeps things exciting though!

Tonight I drive to Santa Cruz to visit with old friends (I was 30 when we met, that is an incredibly long time to know someone) and I'm looking forward to catching up. And walks on West Cliff, and crashing waves and drives through the redwoods.

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abeadlady said...

Thank you from all of us at CCBS for a wonderful Retreat. As always, it was a pleasure to take a class from you. Heard lots of positive comments as we were all getting ready to trek home. Hope your trip to Santa Cruz is nothing but pleasure. Please remember us to Rachel.