Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I'm busy finishing up my Bead and Button proposals for next years show. Every year right around this time, proposals are due. The original piece is required to be sent which I think is a good thing because more care can go into the jurying process, but.....it does mean you need to have an original to spare.....not always easy when you are working with brand new pieces which are also required to be store samples. So I found myself beading both a new Aurelia colorway and the Rising Sun over the past few days.

Here is the new Aurelia color.

Aurelia was designed in January while on an outing to Ojai. I think lots of my best design work is done while vacationing. Not traveling, since I do that so often to beading engagements, and more often then not I don't bead while I'm on that kind of travel. But give me a few days to relax somewhere and design almost always happens.

My Alaska piece was like that (Alaskan Cruise with Carole Tripp of Creative Castle), designed during my Nantucket vacation. Well the components were designed that is, and now it is time for the 'rest of the story' which means the components now need to present themselves into some of wearable jewelry. The trouble is I can see many possible outcomes and I have to decide on the best one soon! That will be my next challenge once the applications are done and my preparation for the Central California Bead Society retreat is finished.


abeadlady said...

As always, I'm sure you will come up with a wonderful design.

The ladies of CCBS are gearing up for the retreat. Looking forward to having three full days with you.


Perlen und Pinsel said...

Sensationell schön und sehr schöne Farben, wie immer!
LG Claudia