Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home, sweet home.....

I've been on the road forever, or so it seems.....I left July 7th for vacation in Nantucket, followed by teaching in Toronto and Dundas, breezed home for seven days during which I submitted my Bead and Button proposals,

put together a few kits, packed up the car and drove to Oakhurst where I taught for three days. Off to Santa Cruz for visiting and a little respite with friends and family and then onto San Mateo where I taught for one day.

I finally was able to download all of my pictures and have picked out some highlights to share.

Here is a Nantucket doorway. I love the color and the scrollwork. It is about as opposite from my home as is possible....I live in an art deco home with modern contemporary furnishings....but I also love the other end of the spectrum and could easily imagine myseslf living here.

Petunias, a sure sign of an East Coast summer with the sun streaming through them.

Bunches of colorful carrots taken at Volante Farms in Needham.

Our last travel evening was dinner with the family, and my camera failed me. Turns out I had accidently moved the lens switch from auto to manual focus, so you won't see my beautiful family this time around.

Time to bead! I have an excellent start on my Alaskan cruise piece. A component I love, waiting to be strung into a beautiful necklace....coming soon....


abeadlady said...

Great pics, Marcia. It sounds like your trip was all you wanted it to be.

Michelle said...

Lovely pictures....Were all the tiger lillies in bloom while you were in Nantucket? I also love the bright red geraniums against the weathered cedar shingle homes and the white w/black shutter homes....ahhhh...New England at it's best!

Glad you made it home safely!
Bead Happy!

debi said...

Good to hear you are home safe. I love the shot of the doorway. I love beautiful entrances. debi