Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jet ab2x

I use a lot of these......I do not want to run out.....I think I have it covered for awhile....

there are 232 in Queen Annes Lace

and 144 in Crystal medallion bracelet,

and I am thinking that the new Alaskan Cruise design 'Dancing Light' will have a black and jet ab2x version. Wait, maybe I need more.

Perhaps Katie, I do need those large containers from the container store!

Same crystal, different batches. You never know if you are going to get the yellow green jet ab2x or the blue one. Either way, it's a magic crystal, I love it!


Katie said...

I knew you had a stash big enough for those containers! The crow in me LOVES when you set out a container full of lovely Swarovski sparklies...Especially since so many of yours are AB2X (yay!)...

It was ONLY an 8oz container - I'm sure you could fill that up...They had larger sizes if you need them :o)

Mikki said...

Ok....I have been looking high and low for those containers, please, please, please share your source.