Thursday, August 5, 2010

I won $3.00

Yep, I'm a really big gambler....I'm staying at a casino hotel outside of Oakhurst where I'm teaching tomorrow. It was this or the comfort inn for twice as much money, so I chose Chukchansi resort and casino. The room is totally up to my standards, but I find casinos odd....Although I did gamble a whole $10.00 and when it became $13.00, I cashed out.

I dont know what has happened to the cost of hotel rooms, but I find them totally unreasonable these days. Over $200 for a basic room, crazy! So I opted for hotwire which I've had success with before and scored a 4 start SF airport hotel for under $100....very good.

Hotels don't lend themselves to beading with their notoriously poor light, so I've spent the evening with mindless TV and my latest Kiri, a beautiful bright aqua silk mohair.

Live blogging from the classroom tomorrow! Stay tuned.

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VanBeads said...

I'm not much of a gambler, either, but here's a funny story for you:
Years ago when my sister in law got married in Reno, my husband and I and his parents all stayed at the Atlantis Hotel and Casino. Every morning after breakfast, we'd go up to the pastry bar in the casino and get something yummy. One morning as we were walking back to our room, I happened to have a quarter in my change from the pastry bar, and my husband said to me, "Just put it in the first slot machine you see!" So I did. And wouldn't ya know it - we won $700!!!

Of course, my husband grabbed the bucket full of quarters that we had just won and started looking for other slot machines. I grabbed it right back and said, "Forget it - we're cashing out right now!" We were both working summer internships while we were in college that summer, and we were making $5 an hour, so that $700 paid the rent for the month!

Have a great time at the Bead Society!