Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Santa Cruz!

It feels wonderful to be 'home' in Santa Cruz. This is where I met Mark, grew up our family together, worked in my corporate career and began my beading career. Two of my children still live in the area and my grandchildren live here. I have dear friends and many memories.

I'm staying in Ben Lomond, and yesterday we had lunch at Takara, visited Annie Glass in Watsonville (Yes Susan, there was more dishware involved) and Wisteria in Soquel. First on todays list is to write directions, but then I'm off to meet a friend. In my early forays into bead artistry, Paula was instrumental in encouraging me to believe in myself as an artist. She guided me in exercises to strengthen my beliefs and quiet my doubts and I grew into the artist I am today from that beginning. It will be a joy to meet up with her for lunch.

In Ben Lomond I have enjoyed the daily visiting of the deer! Not something I see a lot of in San Diego and not quite the Moose sighting in Alaska, but delightful to watch.

Tomorrow I visit Rachel for a walk on West Cliff, one of my all time favorite walks!


Andrew Thornton said...

We have lots of deer here. The fauns run about, playing around their mother's legs. So cute! I'm glad you had your own deer sighting. It reminds me of when I was in Berkeley and there was a deer checking out my rental car.

Michelle Mach said...

I love West Cliff! I went to school in Santa Cruz--miss it!