Monday, February 7, 2011

Travel Day

Not really, I don't travel to the Great Lakes Bead Guild until next week, but it is the day to be on top of planning. I've passed on my dates for my German trip in October, made my hotel reservations for my pre bead cruise stay in Galveston (where I've never been before by the way) love seeing new places, although we don't land until 4:00 and likely won't arrive at the resort hotel until 6:00 ish.

Bead Cruising is wonderful and this year I get to play with Heather, Bev, Tracy, Dallas, Jean, Beki and Shawn! Mark is coming with me, making it an extra special trip.

I need to pass on supply lists for my Creative Castle trip in April, and I just extended my San Francicso reservation after Beading by the Bay. I will be speaking at the Northern California Bead Society meeting on Tuesday night March 15th. Which is kind of perfect, not only because I'll be visiting with all of the Bead Society ladies but because I'll be in Northern California and will be visiting with our new granddaughter, who is due to make her appearance at the end of this month, making March a perfect time for an extended visit.

It takes a lot to stay on top of all the details. I've never missed making a reservation or sending a sample or writing a supply list yet, but keeping up with it all is demanding. I'm noticing lately that I haven't planned creative time into the schedule and need to work out a system for making sure I do that. I have new crystal clay and Lilly Pilly metal and all sorts of ideas and at the moment not much time. My girls are coming to help kit tomorrow and catch up. We'll have lots of laughs and get some work done.

Today's walk is postponed until this evening when we will attend a Sarah McLaughlin concert downtown San Diego. The plan is to arrive early and walk the Embarcadero in the cool of the evening.


Lavinia said...

I saw Sarah's concert in Seattle on Friday - hope you found her to be as wonderful as I did!

Anonymous said...

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