Tuesday, April 26, 2011

En Pointe and Earrings

These are unrelated posts, but I wanted to share color two for 'En Pointe' which is turning out beautifully. The addition of the 2 mm crystal join is magic. I would love for this one to be a bracelet, it wants to be, desperately in fact, but the portfolio needs a necklace. I have Aurelia, Rising Sun, Carousel and Queen Anne's Lace, all bracelets, it's necklace time. It's not that En Pointe is not a pretty necklace, it is, but I can see this beautiful strip of beadwork backed by another in a different color, joined on the edges.

It is a design dilemma that happens when you consider teachability. I will most likely make a bracelet from this design as well.

In a rare daytime break Mark and I had lunch in Little Italy this week and wandered through Antiques on Kettner. What an amazing store! Beautiful vintage jewelry everywhere and plates and coins and books and furniture.

I came away with these. At first I thought they were matching brooches, too large to be an earring of course.

I was wrong, but given the lever back post they are quite comfortable to wear and work nicely with my hair.

Definitely a store to check out on a regular basis.

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Patty said...

The first thing I thought of when I saw your beadwork was...tiara! Beautiful.