Monday, April 18, 2011

My dapper man

In the spirit of Glitterganza at the Mingei museum this Saturday, Mark dressed up as an English Country Gentleman, complete with top hat, cane and white gloves.

photo by Kyle Cassidy

I think he looks amazingly dapper, displayed what a good sport he is and was a beautiful host all weekend. I love this man.

While Kyle was photographing this, several folks stopped to see what they thought might have been a bride and groom, ha! But I would of course marry him again any day of the week!


Sviro (Ildi) said...

A great photo with a lovely couple. It's nice to see you dressed like this.

coolmoon said...

That was my thought when I first saw the photo, and remembered you talking about a special anniversary not too long ago - that you may have been renewing vows. No matter what - looks like a grand time was had by all...Cheerio!

AJ said...

Awwww, what a sweet picture! You two both look great and I can see why you were mistaken for a bride and groom, dressed so elegantly and so clearly happy and in love :)