Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guests Arriving

I'm planning on an exceptional weekend visiting with exceptional folks. Both Kyle and Dustin will occupy the two guest rooms upstairs and Kate and myriad other folks will join us for dinner on Saturday night.

Saturday day will be the San Diego Bead Society meeting at the Mingei where Kate will talk all things beady, followed by the Glitterganza, bound to be fun. I've been wandering around the house collecting Glitterganza wear.

Sunday the house will be full of both Kate and Kyle's students. Kate's class on the Groovy cuff will fill up my studio and Kyle will wander about the rest of the house, sharing his photographic knowledge with those who have signed up to be part of this day. Space may still be available to join Kyle in what is bound to be an excellent day. Contact Kate McKinnon, should you like to attend.

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Jean Campbell said...

Can't wait to hear how this went! We really need to catch up now that I am truly and fully HOME.