Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's sometimes hard to fathom

What makes one class more popular then another, color sample, level of complexity, day of the week.....

My Rising Sun Bead and Button class sold out in the first hour yet there are still spaces this Sunday April 10th at Creative Castle. It's one of my favorite places to teach and if you haven't been there, or if you have (then you know what an excellent store it is) and you live remotely close you should consider joining us. After all it's way less expensive then making your way to Bead and Button.

I delivered Carole the black and gold sample which I happen to love, but often black just does not translate well in a design. The other two colorways are fresher and brighter and more spring like and perhaps would have enticed people better.

Very pretty, teal and light gold metallic which is more of an antique silver in my book...

The original.....teal and orange

You of course can bring whatever colors you like to the mix, you'll be in a bead store after all. Between Carole and I we have lots of buttons to trigger your imagination.

The Rising sun has a very crystally bezel surrounding a czech button and is finished with a textured band which is both fun and useful for other applications.


Chabela said...

la dos pulceras son muy bellas, un besin

Rosanne said...

Tthings like that are hard to figure. If I was closer I would take it. I really love the teal and orange bracelet. I am gonna do you proud and teach myself to RAW...soon!