Thursday, April 21, 2011

Swatching points

It's time to make a second 'points' (it really does need a proper name soon, but I'm growing fond of points in the meantime) and I am doing some swatching. Under the guidance of Margie Deeb I am thinking about using analogous colors rather then strong contrasts or even maybe using more then one color scheme within the piece. Margie points out how the eye is going to be drawn to different places in the geometry of the piece depending on color placement. And I'm trying to get a visual of that by swatching up some potential color combinations.

On the left there is a shiny bright translucent interior bead with a bronzy 3 cut bead which has red undertones. Using a smoke fireline darkened up the bronzy bead considerably which I like but I don't care for it showing through the really translucent interior bead. So I changed the interior bead to an opaque gold but also went to crystal fireline, far right. Too shiny for me. So I went back to smoke, but kept the gold interior.....maybe it's the one. And finally because I am totally enamored with the matte teal bead I swatched up a high contrast combination of gold and teal.

This swatch also has the join using 2 mm gold aurum crystals!

Loving that and can't wait to see how they show up when I connect two teals. So it's off to the bead table I go.

This afternoon I have a girls date at the Grove where I will continue work on a Debbie Bliss sage green sweater for little miss Malayna Love, my newest grandbaby.


Gabriella said...

Love the swatch with the crystals! Very interesting. Will I see you in May?

Marcia DeCoster said...

You will definitely see me in May! Very excited.

Unknown said...

Lovely! Is it reversible? One color ways on one side, another on the other? None the less, you always have such a great sense of color! It's beautiful!

Susan Wells said...

Love when you share your creative process and show the evolution of an idea into a final product!

Katie said...

I love the teal one...but then, I'm always a sucker for a pretty teal bead :o)

violet said...

This is such a lovely design, makes me think of cathedral arches. The components have so many design possibilites! Really like the teal as well!

Ann said...

Love the teal, but I like the high contrast rather than the analogous. When the components are all facing the same direction is it too severe an arc to make a necklace?


Robbie said...

I'm loving these beads! I'm so far behind in blog reading so I'll have to catch up! But I love the "points"!