Friday, April 8, 2011

A Little Bead and Button Promo....

In general my classes are doing well and I'm pleased as every year to be going to Bead and Button and connecting with so many of the friends I've made over the years.

It's always a bit of a dilemna in offering a project a second year since I have so many people who come to my classroom every year, they are of course looking for something new. So I try to have a good mix and this year The Rising Sun and Aurelia were two new ones. (pppssstttt....I just happened to notice that one slot opened up in The Rising Sun, so you may want to have a look if you didn't already make other plans) It sold out within the first hour so an opening is a rare thing.

The workshop for Abrege is lightly attended but that is good, it's a challenging class which is why I am holding it for two days instead of the one, and I know two days is a big commitment of time but I promise you lots of learning and a great result. In two whole days I also get to share many of the variations that I have thought up for this combination of diamonds and ellipses.

The result is an exquisite bracelet, but it is not for the faint of heart. You need to be really comfortable with raw for this one.

Crystal Collage now in it's 5th year is approaching full and I have introduced a new colorway this year, with rich chocolate brown, crystal rivoli, gold and silver accents, nice.

Under the Mast is the one with quite a few spots left, funny because it also sold out last year immediately.

So here is the thing with Under the Mast, it is a very doable and very wearable project by a broader range of wearers then some of the designs us seed beaders like to wear. In my mind this makes it really giftable, perfect for Aunt Harriet or your boss or cousin or best friend who may like their jewelry more classic. Most people finished or approached finishing in class. What a perfect thing to be able to make a piece for a friend and then there is the little piece of paper tucked under the crystal which makes it personal and can carry any sentiment you like. Ron who took the class last year had this to say

And then, there is Under the Mast Two which I am co teaching with the Bad Liz on Tuesday.

It has the addition of some sweet little bezeled rivolis which hang from the pendant in case you want a little more swing. So if your B&B plans are still forming, there is some food for thought here.

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Podoleanu Elena Dana said...

Your works are wonderful .... am speechless .... achievements are real art ... Congratulations