Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Medici Drop

In case you're new here or missed it, you may want to take a scroll down the side bar and click on the photo of medici drop earrings where you will find a free pdf tutorial with my latest variation.

While this pair has the newly added texture it does not have the sparkle of the 2 mm crystals. They really are a stellar addition to the design. Adding just the smallest touch of sparkle can make a huge difference. Give it a try!

No cubic zirconia teardrops? Lot's of different drops work perfectly. Raid your stash, you'll most likely find a suitable replacement.

Oh, and if you've made some, please send me a picture. I suspect it may be the most made item in the book, and I'd love to see what you did with them.


Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Very pretty!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

violet said...

LOVE the colorway!

orlyc said...

Dear Marcia! Such a beatiful earring, thank you!
And this colorway.....WOW!!! Love it!

Szikati said...

Wonderful earring, thank you for the instructions!!!

vwise said...

thanks for instructions, raiding my stash to make a pair this weekend.

De nudos y cuentas said...

Thank you very much for sharing the new version!!! I love the earrings in the book, and I’ll do these.

I have done some but I haven’t found the drops, so they are quite different. Because my computer doesn’t allow me to email thought the blog, I post my photos here, I hope you don’t mind.

Two versions, and a Medici necklace.