Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tucson bound

One more day to pack some warm weather clothes, pick some beadwork to share techniques, send a few boxes off to Bead and Button, and then I'm off.

The studio has come along way in two days, well it is really a moderate change, but it was all accomplished. I did manage to clean out two file cabinets and turn them into one, and install two drawers in their stead. But I have yet to unload the contents of three plasticy draws.

However the plasticy drawers are going to be a good receptacle for all things 'emergency' in the bomb shelter. I'm not expecting a bomb, but last years Easter time earthquakes rattled me. Obviously not quite enough to get totally on top of things, but now that I have receptacles, I plan on a first aid kit, some food, some flashlights, some batteries, some canned goods, in case I should ever find the house crumbling about me and require the accommodations. With a 6 inch cement surround I expect the bomb shelter to remain standing.

Wednesday night will be the third Adobe Illustrator class and the delivery of the imac to the apple store for the data transfer. I could do it, but I find I don't really want to. I'll deliver it, pre-Tucson and pick it up post-Tucson and then I will really be ready to adopt it full throttle.

I've gotten lots of wonderful Apple advice and I'll be ready to fully embrace the change next week when I pick up the computer that will now have all my life's data.

Stay posted, the weekend in Tucson is going to be amazing!


Vicky said...

I love your beading desgns and your travels! I always keep up with yoru blog and your goings on. I was wondering where are you taking yoru Illustrator classes as I have been looking for that. I too love in San Diego. Have a great time in Tucson and I will look forward to reading about it. Thank you, Vicky

Vicky said...

I guess that I should learn to use my spell check!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Vicky, there is a continuing education program in San Diego College District that offers free computer classes.

AJ said...

You have a bomb shelter?!? I am so jealous :)

Have a safe journey to Tucson and be sure to wave to me from across the park!

Brasil said...

This blog has definitely changed my perspective on this subject. There’s no way I would’ve thought about it this way if I hadn’t come across your blog. I was just surfing the web and I found your blog and all of a sudden my views have changed. Good on you, man!