Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Forgive the interrupt

I never mean to leave you without a post and an explanation. I've left blogging to the capable ipad these days, it being the lightest thing to travel with. But while taking a mini vacation with my sweetie, blogpress the ipad ap for blogging failed to load. I suspect it has something to do with a number of aps needing an update, but since I only had 3 g and a limited data plan, updating couldn't happen.

I know it's a lot more then you needed to know, but that's just it, that there is an awful lot to know these days to make our businesses run. In the morning I'll sort out the ipad but for the time being I'm back at home in front of my beautiful imac, so I thought touching base might be in order.

We visited Palm Springs and took a tram ride to the top of a mountain. Was it pretty? I don't know I closed my eyes. I did not love the rotating tram or the slow sway whenever we passed a post. I spent my time up top recovering from the motion sickness....ah well, the rest of the trip was restful, the weather was perfect, the food delicious and the company my favorite.

I'll get organized later this week for a little giveaway and let you know how to participate. It's also time to get truly serious about the illustrations for the book.....It's possible I've been stalling just a big, but the time is now, so I'll be heads down for awhile. Although I'll visit you here as much as I can.

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