Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spinner Rings

These aren't really new, I've played with the concept ever since I did Carousel. I do that a lot, re-purpose components in a totally different design. I've often thought it would be a great concept for a book....

this is Carousel and you can see the spinner component on the front with the orange tips

The spinner is a clever bit of beadweaving using ladder stitch. I start ladder by putting all my beads on the thread and then picking them off.

and in the case of this one I added the tips into the original ladder, and then I pick up the accent beads as I go.

The middle bit is a crystal bezeled rivoli which slides through the spinner and the spinner can then be changed.

Here is a light metallic gold with platinum pearls. The Carousel spinner is bare, but the ring spinner has the addition of sparkle with the 3 mm crystals on the face of each tip.

and aqua with jet ab 2x

and here they are being worn together!

I'll be teaching Carousel at Beads by Blanche this weekend and rumor has it there are still spots available. The ring is a bonus project!

I'm also teaching En Pointe which I originally designed using size 15 beads with a 2 mm crystal join.

It's challenging, although I know the beaders at Blanches are up to the job, but I've also had it beaded up using size 11's, equally stunning

and there is always the bracelet version.

And if that weren't enough options we'll also be beading the Dream Keeper Vessel Ring.

Here is a beautiful version beaded by Suzanne in my Das Perlament classes last month

and a favorite version of mine

The ring is fun to create, has a personalized message inside and is great for gifting to the important girls in your life!


Patty said...

Your spinner ring is TDF! Oh, to be in New Jersey...

Helen said...

Dream Keeper Vessel ring: gorgeous!
Spinner ring: gorgeous!
En Pointe: gorgeous!
New Jersey too far away: damn!

Pelantura said...

Impresionantes creaciones!!!

Karyn said...

Those rings are beautiful - will the vessel rings be in your new book?


dave said...

Beautiful spinner rings. I am planning to give one to my girlfriend.