Friday, November 11, 2011

No time like the present

I'm married to that guy, the one who changes the oil before dinner and thinks nothing of it. Me, back in the days when I changed my own oil, I'd work up to it for a week or more. First off to the store to buy the oil, plan the time, get the drip pans out, find the jack, so much energy went into it.

And I'm still like that with onerous tasks. But I become no time like the present if there is shopping to be done, impulsive even, seeing a project and immediately buying the yarn for it. I've got a bandana cowl on the needles, a baby baby sweater which just needs sleeves and a baby jacket also needing sleeves....and right behind it a shruggigan and right behind that a lace shawlette.

I finished a book project yesterday and what I can tell you is I love it, the colors, the design, it all turned out just the way I wanted. I'm hoping for the same kind of flowing design success today.

Michelle is coming to finish up some kitting and I should be able to totally catch up on all shipments by Monday. AND, I just got twelve sets of retro rings from Heather, so they should be back in stock by tomorrow.

So if you are waiting on Romantica in this soft gold opal you'll be receiving it next week.

And the Add to Cart button should be back on Retro ringlets sometime tomorrow. Update, in his 'no time like the present style' Mark updated the site and retro ringlets are back, for a short while at least, there are eleven kits available.

This is the color I can barely keep in stock. I do have one more set of primary Heather beads that I will be beading up some coordinating ringlets for some time soon.


Shirley said...

Looks like you are efficiently busy to me! Just love that color palette. I have recently fallen back in love with crocheting, and am excitedly perusing patterns, looking for some new projects!

Helen said...

You changed your own oil???
I'm impressed. You are even more talented than I thought!!