Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lilliana, travel, home

Lot's of plane travel presented enough beading opportunity to complete a 4th Lilliana. Liz completed number three in golds and fuchsias. This one is my new favorite silvery grey bead, 318T for the curious, paired with the matte lavender F463L and accented with cyclamen opal ab 2 mm crystals and light grey opal loch rosen. It's soft and feminine which I think is a nice choice for the summer in Milwaukee. The piece incorporates some cubic raw and the dainty St. Petersburg chain. This beady content is for Ellen, a blog reader who I met for the first time in New Jersey this weekend. Although she professed to have a weakness for pictures of Maya she also requested more beady content.

Next up is a photo of Sandy's Dancing Light in which she chose to add vintage army men in between the crystally, lacy components of Dancing Light. We posed her vintage army figures on the focal leaf that she added to the piece. The colors work perfectly and it was decided she needed a peach tee shirt and camouflage pants to coordinate with her necklace.

We flew into Philadelphia Friday night, and then I taught both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday night I met Holly, who jumped into a Facebook dialog when she realized I would be near where she lived and offered to take me to dinner on Saturday night. Her and husband Gene were delightful and we had an evening full of excited beady talk. Then on Sunday night Amy, who had coordinated my classes and who has been a long time Facebook friend, took us for a visit to her store, the Bead and Glass Boutique, in Pitman New Jersey. It was a large, light filled space, with a huge classroom, painted in a soft dark lavender that was the perfect backdrop for the large selection of beads she stocks. We followed that up with a visit to the Tap room before driving back to our hotel and getting ready for the Monday, crack of dawn flight home.

Once home we met up with Stephney who is visiting from England for a couple of days at the end of her family visit. She visited first in October with friend Rachel, and I will visit them in fall of 2013. And once again I marvel at the connections that get made in this community of people who bead!


T=MC2 said...

I love that colourway! I don't usually use lavenders or mauves, but may need to venture in that direction next time I'm visiting my favourite bead shop :)

Marcia DeCoster said...

Thanks Tasha, I like it too.

Tia Dalma said...

I adore this new colorway of Lilliana! The grey and lavender and cyclamen opal just go perfectly together!

This was one of my favorite color combinations when I was younger and I remember getting my parents permission to paint my room grey and lavender! It must have been an 80's thing...but I still love this combination!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Thanks Vimala, I think there is something feminine and serene about the combination.

Peikkonen said...

I love the Dancing Light version with a leaf pendant - the colour combo is wonderful, and the leaf pendant just... belongs there.