Thursday, July 30, 2020

A brand new baby day

This Melanie song  has always been a favorite

We were meant to see the beginning of the day
I believe it was planned to lift us this way
Take you an apple and take you a song
Watch a baby day be born

I've always been a morning girl as far back as I can remember.  I suppose I had a few teenage years of 'sleeping in' until 9:00 or so, but my preferred hour is 5:00 a.m.  Mark being his own creature of habit gets out of bed these days at 7:00 and I've taken to mostly joining him, but my very favorite thing to do is get up with the sun.

Of course it's summer which in San Diego means marine layer, so it's not exactly a sunrise.  But there is a peacefulness to the new day that I adore.  I make a cup of coffee and settle into my favorite chair and pick up some knitting.  Knitting is the best activity for this time of day.  It's more meditative then my other endeavors, it's more portable and it has less of the creative anxiety that's been plaguing me.

My Ranunculus is growing and I'm beginning to love fabric the linen is creating.  I'm always a little disappointed at my stitch eveness at first and then I get into a rhythm and as the work grows I see the beauty in it more.  Linen is like that, it gets better in time.  I think at first it rebels at being twisted into stitches and then it relaxes into it's new shape and becomes beautiful.  While I still wish I had considered white for this sweater I am enjoying the oceany blue that I chose.

So what else will this baby day hold?  I pretty much frittered yesterday away, but sometimes you just need a good day of frittering, right?  I don't have a plan for today, do you?

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The bad Liz said...

5am rising explains when I take a break and see that you are on-line. I love getting up early with the light of the day, let the dogs out for a quick patrol of our back garden and making that first cup of coffee. Many times, Alan isn't up for 2-3 hours later as he is really the night owl. It's nice at a campground to listen to the birds and the sounds of the world as it wakens to a brand new day.