Monday, July 20, 2020

The opposite of focus and finish

Yes focus and finish is something that I have found useful to help me reset and reduce the franticness that comes with having a million works in progress. (that is a slight exaggeration, but not too much)

It seems however that I am unable to focus or finish well at the moment.  Last night I announced that I would not start anything new until I finished 4 of my current works in progress.

That lasted exactly 12 hours when I realized that my on-line beaded object class is now going to happen on Friday which left Wednesday open for Franklin's Compass Rose class which I am in love with!  I'll be taking it online with Creative Castle.  She has a full roster of zoom classes and it appears people are very much enjoying this approach to beading classes.

You can see why I was weak in the face of this becoming available to me.  Now to pick colors.

First though I think it's time for me to get real about what I have in progress and pick some things that can be finished, and put some sort of priority to them.  Perhaps make some notes about what it will take to finish and also what kind of time we're talking about, if there are any deadlines involved, and if any just need to be abandoned.  I'm not usually a to do list kind of gal on my personal time, but I'm finding that this tendency to just continually start something new is getting out of hand.

I'm also not usually a rules kind of gal, but I think a few may be in order, like no supplies beyond anything that is currently on the list.  Tomorrow I will share with you how long the list is.  

I'd like to see if cataloguing it is helpful and if it is in what ways.  This should be interesting.  I am not entirely sure if I've ever had this many works in progress before.  If I did they were work related as in beadwork for classes with maybe a side of a shawl.  Then two years ago I added the sewing of garments and then last year the sewing of bags and this year the sewing of quilts and then the medium of shrink plastic, all while upping the amount of sweaters/socks/vests in progress and planning for even more.  So I do think it's a time for a reckoning of how I spend my time.  I suspect I am filling time to run away from the stress of a pandemic and the unknown of the future.  But I want to be doing it wisely so that it serves me well and doesn't cause more stress than it relieves.

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Joy 2 Bead said...

Yes, yet one can hardly ever have too many projects going on at once.