Friday, July 17, 2020

Teeny Tiny Stitches, my first EPP project

One of my ongoing makes is the Tula Pink sunrise quilt which is my first foray into English Paper Piecing or EPP.  The acccuracy required for machine piecing a quilt top escapes me.  Somehow I never seem to be able to get pieces cut and stitched well.  But in English Paper Piecing the process is done by hand and I have much more control.  It of course also takes much more time! 

In EPP  you cut your fabric to the correct shape adding 1/4 inch border and then you secure it around paper the same shape using either basting stitches or glue.  I've done both, my hexi pillow was basted but for this one with bigger shapes I am using the glue method.

I blogged in more detail about it here.

Today I just want to share with you my proud accomplishment.

Those teeny tiny little stitches, each one by hand, each medallion having 24 seams between triangles and one large seam for the center.  That is a lot of stitching and with each one I am improving my technique. I suppose it helps that needle and thread of some sort have been in my hands since I can remember. Sometimes it's knitting needles and yarn, or a crochet hook, or the twine of macrame plant holders in the 80's, but always I've used my hands bringing thread into a new form.

I'm just completing the 7th of 12 medallions, each one it's own little masterpiece.  I'm enjoying it and am trying hard not to suffer from the hurry up and finish that is my usual mantra.

I started this pre-pandemic (which is still something very weird to be saying in a sentence) but I suspect it will always have the connection to covid time.

We're back from our airstream outing.  It was a nice change of scenery, beautiful bay breezes, lot's of nice meals, long walks and lot's of time for stitching.  

I suspect going into next week I want to  'organize' my in process projects and pick at least a couple to focus and finish.  That goal was not helped by beginning a crocheted mandala today.  It's all Maggie's fault, she made me do it and now I have one more thing to focus and finish!

What are you working on?  Something short term or long term?  Multiple somethings? Something that excites you, challenges you, comforts you?  I think that may be a column of my 'project organization' spreadsheet.  It may help guide me on which one to turn to when I'm looking for the next thing to do.  The list is long......

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Mary Redman said...

I just went to a three morning class on raised Native American beading. The instructor was an award winning Native American beader. So interesting and I learned a lot!