Friday, July 24, 2020

Finding peace in knitting

Well after all my categorizations, and criteria, what I am finding today is I need to do something really calming.  So I will be sitting in the family room with my Ranunculus and quietly knitting.  I think I may look for some music but I don't think I'll be turning the tv on.  

There is just too much stimulation and what I need is peace and quiet.  

I think this color is really soothing and if I knit with intention I hope I will not repeat the mistake that required the after thought life line and the ripping of 8 rows.  Once I get past this bit the rest goes really fast.  It would be nice to have a new piece of clothing.  

My other projects are all coming along a little bit at a time.  I started the compass rose on Wednesday with Franklin.  I'm working really had to get good tension as that has eluded me in past structural pieces.  It's a bit hard on my hands though, so I'm pacing myself.  

I also worked on the bead museum tile yesterday and that is also coming along in a direction I'm happy with.  Not too much more until I can call that one done.

I have a couple of masks to make for someone who requested them.  I actually find mask making very satisfying.  It's a small project with pretty fabric and easy stitching.

When I began blogging at the beginning of this month, I talked about how much I miss travel and that remains so very true.  If I had to describe two things at the very core of my being, it would be making and traveling, and making while traveling is even better.  I have many shawls that were done on planes and trains in foreign lands.  I have many fibers and beads acquired in those travels and I have a treasure trove of inspiration photos from those places. 

A train to Venice, 2003 

We're hoping we'll do this again one day.  I absolutely adore train travel!  

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