Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Showing Up

As is likely evident from my various social media posts, I split my time  between many different crafts.  So far my sewing both in quilting and garments, and my knitting are based on other peoples designs. I am slowly learning to bring a little of my own voice to those endeavors with color choice or modifications.  But mostly the design work is done for me.

With beading it’s necessary to be the designer, at least for projects that you will document and teach other’s to bead.  Since I’ve significantly cut back on the number of teaching engagements I accept, I no longer have the deadlines to drive me which of course can be good and bad.  That coupled with the amount of time I spend on other crafts means I am not beading as much.  So when the call to design comes, there can be some fear that I will be out of all design ideas.
What I learned though, was if you just show up, if you just spill out a pile of beads and start beading, even if it’s only the merest start of an idea, a design will show up.  It may not be even close to the one you started to bead but it will evolve.  I’m in the process now and I’m enjoying what is revealing itself with just a pile of beads and needle and thread.  I didn’t look to books for inspiration, I didn’t sketch out any ideas, I just started beading.  This of course is not everyone’s design process and there are times I’ve done it differently, but in this time when I was sure I had forgotten how to bead, I just showed up and it’s working.

Of course I am in my happy place, tucked into my airstream with just a few beads, next to some water, and little else that needs doing.  So I’ll be beading today.  


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