Thursday, July 9, 2020

What's your best creative environment?

What brings this question to mind is that today is house cleaning day.  I am fortunate to have a 50% partner in the effort, I do all the surfaces, kitchen, bathroom, tables such and he does all the floors, vacuumed and mopped.  I have black hardwood floors and a black tile kitchen, so the clean lasts about two days!

I really need a fairly neat and clean environment to allow the peace of mind necessary for me to create.  Clutter makes me crazy and so I tend to have to stop every few days and clear the mess I've left in the wake of previous projects.

I've been traipsing from one type of project to the next which also contributes to the chaos.  For most things I end up auditioning supplies so at any given time there is yarn, fabric, beads and now shrink plastic all over the place!  Somehow the concept of putting things away as I go never works for me and then I have to do a serious amount of effort to clear the decks.  

I so wish I could train myself to be a put away as I go type of gal but it appears that discipline escapes me.

I'll leave you with yesterdays make.  I haven't sewed much of anything since having to give up my  weekly sewing class, but the inspiration  of a facebook group focused on the designs of Tina Givens had me wanting to make something new to  wear.  I had some lovely softened pale pink linen and a new pattern called Elope.  The pattern included a top and pants so I set out to make both.

It appears that I have a significantly reduced attention span these days so it took me a while to cut and sew with a fair amount of dilly dallying between.  The lack of attention span also contributes to my not being attentive to directions and I sewed the bottom of the pant leg to the waistband instead of the bottom of the pant leg.....sigh.  After a short temper tantrum and the questioning of my skills I sat down with the seam ripper and remedied the error.  By late afternoon I was rewarded with new pants to go with last weeks top. It's due to get really hot here this week, so pale pink linen and a comfy cut are going to be perfect. I suspect my quest to up my blog game a little means I should learn to take a selfie without a mirror and an iPhone!  

Today after a little deck clearing I will get back to my 6 x 6 tile for the Museum of Beadwork entry.  I've printed and cut my words and today I will color them with alchohol inks and draw with my pencils and shrink.  Then I'll be ready to assemble and bead embroider.  


Karen Firnberg said...

It’s like a nice little daily visit with you. Keep it up.

The bad Liz said...

Sweet outfit! Looks great on you.