Monday, July 13, 2020

Travel is my passion

Since I was little I had wanderlust.  I always wanted to go on a grand adventure, but my growing up family didn't do that.  We had the occasional outing to a summer cottage or maybe a road trip to see fall foliage, but mostly we stayed home and I dreamed about faraway places.

When I met Mark, my travel adventures could finally begin.  He also loved travel and our first vacation together was to Hawaii.  I'd been almost no place until this time.  I had driven cross country with all my possessions and my daughter to start a new life in California, but discretionary travel had not been attainable.  So Hawaii was a really really big deal. I was thrity one.  We've not stopped traveling since.

Family vacations to Mexico and Hawaii and ski resorts.  Couple vactations to tropical paradises, sail boat vacations and a lot of corporate travel, mostly to Europe.  Then I quit my corporate job and I became a full time bead teacher and I continued to travel, to Germany, Australia, Japan, England, the  Czech Republic and more.  Last year we went to South America and visited Machu Picchu, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina!  

And just stopped.  I think it's at the root of some of my grief about this  pandemic.  I loved travel and it's been taken away for the forseeable future.

This is all to say that I'm going to explore my travel photos and include them scattered throughout what I've come to think of as my makers blog.  Now though it needs to serve double duty, it has to enable me to relive the memories of faraway places and record all my various makes.

I wish I could bring you photos of that first Hawaiin vacation but that was pre-digital, pre-cellphone, pre-sdcard so they are not so accessible.

Since I love angels I'll start here.  I have to warn you though, I have a faulty memory.  I would have said this was an angel from Copenhagen, but the time slot of photos it belonged to suggests it is either in Amsterdam or Haarlem.  

I know there are people who make digitial travel books of each of their trips, and I sure wish I had done that while my memory was still fresh on many of the images.    I didn't and so my memory will have to suffice.  I suspect I could do a reverse google image search, but for now this will have to do.

I spent the weekend packing up my various projects that I want to work on.  So far I've packed, Mark's vest, the Tula Pink epp, the museum of beadwork tile, some yarn for a gauge swatch and some beads for a new bracelet idea.  Is that too much for 3 days?  

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