Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Zoom Classes

So zoom classes are a definite trend during the pandemic.  I have to say it's a positive.  Today I took a class with Franklin Martion for his compass rose.  I've been enamored with each of his star shapes since I did my first spinner.  I remember stopping for a visit at Creative Castle and Franklin was there.  He showed me  his spinner and I was totally enamored.  I'd not worked on any of the geometrics yet, but this inspired me! There may have been begging for a pattern involved.

The way it's taught there is a marble in the middle and the piece becomes a giant spinner, spun like a top.  Which is very very cool, but I wanted to wear mine, so I put some loops on the back of it and made it into a shawl pin.

There is a series of shapes and today's compass rose is in that series.  I am totally enamored with it.  Franklin is a great teacher with a very calm nature and a great way of explaining the details and adding untold tips to make you successful.  I have my issues with tension and he had lots of different ways of improving it so that perhaps I will end up with the correct form to make a self supporting, unstuffed version of the compass rose.  Mine will be gold spines with two colors of teal.  I can't wait to show a few weeks.  Thanks Franklin, today was brilliant.  Hosted by the lovely Carole Tripp from Creative Castle.  

Things I like about zoom classes - comfort of my own home, connecting with other beaders, the ability to see close up demos, the versatililty of offerings that I may not otherwise have been able to attend.  Have you done a zoom class yet?


Angela said...

I took my first two Zoom classes this past weekend, and I love it. For me it's a bit more economical (there's only one bead store near me that gets traveling teachers and the next closest place is Chicago) and I love sitting in my comfortable desk chair with my full table and my bead board. Those close-up camera angles of the instructor demonstrating are amazing as well.

I have so many more I want to take. I need to save my pennies!

Nancy Charlton-Venezia said...

Yes, I took my first (4 more to come) Zoom class this past weekend and it was wonderful! I agree with Angela - it's great to be able to do it in the comfort of your own home.