Saturday, April 25, 2009

History is made in Alaska

Or there's a man in my class!; but first....

I arrived to the beautiful view of mountains. Since I was sitting in the aisle my first glimpses of the Alaskan landscape were from a distance out a 10 x 12 inch window and I was still wowed. Lest you think the plane was about to crash, these pictures were actually taken on my morning walk. It is breathatkingly beautiful here.

And now the man story....Wanda came to class accompanied by husband Byron. I commented that in ten years of teaching I had never had a man in class and Byron signed up then and there! He was not new to seed beading, he'd done other classes in both metal and seed beads. What a guy. We were making the tiny La Boquita medallion and with a little guidance from me and a little from very accomplished wife Wanda, Byron was off. In fact at the end of the day he had four beautiful medallions complete!

Wanda was making a bridal piece and the wedding is taking place on a Hawaiin beach. With her pearl and crystal pallete she introduced the tiniest little seashells. I loved it! If only I had gotten a good picture I would share. It was really really pretty.

Sian was in class. She had taken a ringlets class from me ten years ago in San Ramon, wow! First I noticed her really fun socks.

Then decided you might like to see more of her! Sian's pallette was Hyacinth, frosted drops and gold seeds. Again, beautiful.

Shannon and Beth came to class prepared to laugh and have a great time and I think they did. Both had amazing colors and lots of good ideas for changing things up.

Karen was somewhat new to beading but was a quick study and left with several medallions. Karen number two is a painter who arrived in class with an amazing freeform piece!

And Shampagne tied last week's record with Amy of Minnesota with 9 completed medallions at the end of the day. Look at the smile, what a cutie!

Everyone was a delight and I look forward to my next classes.

Mark the store owner was warm, friendly and funny and Linda the store manager is making sure that I am well hosted. We're going on a yarn outing on Tuesday and a roadtrip on Thursday. She's the best!

Loving it here.....more as the week progresses

Oh and Arlene, I had my first cup of Kalidi coffee, really good, thanks for the tip.


SaraBeth said...

Wow! Sounds like you're having a good time. Can't wait for more pics.
What is Kalidi coffee?

Arlenesfelt said...

Marcia, it sounds like you are feeling the magic that is Alaska. Where are you going on your road trip?
As for Kaladi, have I ever steered you wrong in the food dept.?
You might want to visit my friend Pam at Far North Fibers 279-0332 on your knitting excursion. She is a weaver and her little studio is chock full of yarn and felting fibers.
Alaskans are great, keep having fun

Bead-Mused said...

Sounds like a great class! I love having men take my classes! They are wonderful seed bead stitchers. Have fun!!

Unknown said...

hi Marcia..
wow you rock..
looks like so much fun
mona & the girls

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Sounds gorgeous there! And that you had a fun class.

I've had a sprinkling of men in my classes - a nice little balance with all of the estrogen!

Beth B. said...

Marcia, just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful classes on your first weekend in Alaska. Your stress on "design elements" instead of design mistakes has finally freed my anal-retentive brain & I have been off & running with my off-shoots of your amazing components! You truly rock!! Once I finish my Romantica (with matching bracelet no doubt!) & my spin on La Boquita I will be sure to send you pics. Sure hope you decide to visit our fair state again soon (maybe late summer when we can take you on a halibut fishing charter & a Kenai Fjords tour!!) Hugs, Beth