Friday, April 3, 2009


It is beautiful here! Green and pretty with lovely weather including a good old thunderstorm last night. I love my storms.....

The Country Club venue for the classes is beautiful. A huge natural light filled room with round tables accommodating everyone. Having a great time with Rings of Saturn and all doing a fantastic job.

Anne brought her May's garden, a class she took with Jeannette in Detroit earlier this year. Great colors and lot's of fun. Can't wait to see her Rings of Saturn finished!

Diane is a fabulous cook and we had 14 to dinner last night followed by an evening of beading among friends. I like it here!


Unknown said...

I'm back from vacation and the only thing better that reading your blog everyday is getting to sit down and read a weeks worth! Love all the pictures and glad your having a great time in Kentucky.
Love Anne's necklace what great colors.
Friends, beads, food, fun now THAT'S a vacation!


Jean Hutter said...

Sounds wonderful - I am a bit jealous - love Anne's necklace all that great color!!!