Monday, April 20, 2009

A very nice weekend indeed

Indeed, it's such a funny word, my husband uses it often to acknowledge a remark I'm made'The weather is really nice today', 'indeed'.....I find it rather endearing.

The Bead Monkey in Minneapolis, Minnesota is a large beautifully stocked store with a well equipped light filled classroom. We had two fun filled days making La Boquita and Ringlets.

There was Tana and Doreen and Ceceila and Deb and Sarah and Amy, all making beautiful versions of La Boquita.

Here is Doreen, a fairly new beader who was doing an exellent job

And Amy, the speed beader of the group who was most of the way through the necklace at the end of the day

And Tana, notice the stunning necklace with Dustin and Stephanie beads

Most stores have their specialities and the Bead Monkey has an amazing offering of glass beads, here are just two shots, the whole wall is 5 or 6 shots...

Which would be a great use of a photo mosaic, but alas, I have not yet put the energy into learning an easy way to do that.

I finished the weekend off by having dinner with Jean Campbell. I'd have taken a picture, but we were way too busy talking about all things bead related. Dinner was delicious and the company was the best!

Time for travel home and spending a couple of days regrouping before heading off to the Alaska Bead Company in Anchorage on Friday.

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Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! Love the seed bead selection and all the natural light!