Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Santa Cruz!

Santa Cruz is a fun trip, back to where we grew up our family South of San Francisco. It will be filled with family, Mom's 86th birthday (she's not reading so I won't spoil the surprise) she doesn't know anyone but me is coming, but all of my children, grandchildren and some friends will be at the Crow's Nest restaurant when she arrives.

Then I take my 'grandbaby' to breakfast, she's 12, almost 13, but she's still my grandbaby.

Sam, the grandbaby, in younger days on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk Beach

On Friday night Mark and I will have dinner at 'La Maison Du Cafe' where we had our first date 25 years ago! Imagine that we are lucky enough that the scene of our first date is still in business.

And on Saturday we'll visit with daughter Lucia and her fiance Ethan and meet Ethan's parents for the first time. Lucia has a darling little dog (little as in 5 or 6 pounds) named Teddy. Maya will be going to visit with Teddy for a few days. It will be interesting to see how they get along!

I hope to fit in a walk along West Cliff and if I'm really lucky along East Cliff as well. Both are among my all time favorite ever walks. Crashing waves along a rocky coastline, awesome beauty.

I also plan on visiting with longtime friends, spending some time with Ms Rachel in her studio and having a bit of a nostalgic trip through downtown Santa Cruz.

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Florence Turnour said...

Marcia, is there still a bead shop in downtown Santa Cruz? when I was in college at UCSC in the late 80's we had the terrible earthquake, and oddly enough, while I was standing in my doorway watching the trees quake outside my window, I could not get the image of little beads bouncing here there and everywhere around the shop out of my head. Things were hardly rebuilt when I graduated, so now I wonder whether that shop is still around.

Florence Turnour